5 Factors to Consider When Buying Your New Fire Table

Elementi Horton Fire Bowl


Style & Location  

This should be your starting point for location and design of your entire patio.
When deciding where to put your fire table or pit, you should consider wind movement, ground level, dining space, whether you are interested in a built-in fire feature, and if it will be a part of a larger theme of an outdoor kitchen.

The location of your fire pit or fire table, whether built or placed, will effect the safety and enjoyment of you and your guests. Lastly, don't forget about the view! Are you focusing on your model-worthy guests huddled nearby, a stellar view of the city, or the hot tub in the back? 

Napoleon St. Tropez Fire Table on Wooden Patio at Barbecues Galore

Napoleon St. Tropez Patio Flame


Size & Space 

Before you begin shopping, mark up your designated space and measure different positions for the fire table with chalk, or tape. If you already have a pre-existing deck, or patio, and patio furniture, then begin staging all the pieces. Doing this will help you decide how much space you plan on taking up. Be sure to also consider room for guests who want to move away from the fire or move in closer. Comfort is key here. 

Built-in fire pits should be carefully constructed to ensure walking space and distance away from dry grass, low-hanging branches, and/or other obstructions that could be fire hazards. If you are also opting for built-in seating you will need plenty more space. If possible, try for approximately 7 feet of space around the outer edges of your fire feature - this allows for traffic and moving furniture. 

Based on your patio furniture, you'll want to consider round, rectangle, or square fire features. A round fire table is great for a smaller space and for focusing the patio on the social area. A long rectangular piece works not only conventionally for warmth, but also as a sturdy "coffee table". Whichever you choose, check for height. A good rule of thumb is to keep the fire table shorter than the seats of your furniture - for easy conversation and to make your space look bigger and less crowded.


Elementi Johnson Fire Table

Propane vs. Natural Gas Fire Tables
Of course you may still be interested in wood fire pits, they give a nostalgic and rustic feel, but a gas fire feature is much more convenient and you can still roast marshmallows!

Propane fire features, although more costly to run than Natural Gas, are portable. Therefore, you can continuously move your focal point and redecorate. In comparison, natural gas fire tables will be connected to a gas line in your home, making them more or less stationary. The overall running costs of a natural gas fire table is cheaper than propane, and propane is a fuel that costs more in general.

Fire features are one of the simplest, yet most effective, landscaping and design feature for any patio
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