Lynx Grills and Outdoor Kitchens

Lynx Grills and Outdoor Kitchens

"In 1996, there was a moment of truth. A small group of visionaries had spent more than 30 years building commercial-quality stainless steel equipment for restaurants. But they wanted to try something new. They wanted to apply the same high standards, premier materials, skilled craftsmanship, and never-ending innovation to the world of outdoor cooking."  - Lynx

Lynx Grills: The Standard For Outdoor Cooking

"Stunning to the senses" is one way to put it. Your eyes will be filled with wonder, your peers filled with envy and hopefully your mouths filled with barbecue. Lynx freestanding grills and their outdoor kitchens are easy to use with top of the line features and opulent style.

Lynx Grills first launched their Professional Grill series with stainless steel construction and impressive accessories like side burners and access doors, in 1996 with the mission to be leaders in outdoor cooking and to, "set the standard for design, innovation and engineering excellence in luxury grills...". Set the standard, they most definitely have. 

From their original Professional Series, initially made for commercial-use, to their newly launched outdoor pizza ovens to the hallmark line of outdoor kitchens: Sedona By Lynx. Lynx has become trend setters in  the age-old activity of barbecuing. They have illuminated the game of grilling by bringing the functionality, space, storage and luxury of commercial kitchens to the backyards are everyday people. 

Their engineers and designers commitment to helping customers create backyards they wanted to spend time in and elevate their outdoor spaces, led them to perfect their stainless steel counter-tops and seek improvements to their products. One such improvement is their Hood Assist Kit making 40lb grill lids light to touch.


For more on expansive barbecues, patio islands, side burners, infrared burners, drawer space and other outdoor kitchen necessities give us a call.

We at Barbecues Galore are eager to get you grilling and give your patio the professional look. Call us in Burlington, Oakville or in the Greater Toronto Area, where we are located in Etobicoke. You can also email us or give us a ring at our North and South Calgary stores. For examples and inspiration of built-in barbecue islands and kitchens check out our Facebook and Instagram pages, @BarbecuesGalore, or stop by our showrooms. Customers all over Canada have built their dream outdoor kitchens and you could be next. 

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Sedona By Lynx 

"They wanted to take outdoor cooking beyond the grill—expand it to a luxury experience, with craft and quality that ensured it would last, year after year."

Stainless Steel Burners | Integrated Illumination 
Ceramic Radiant Briquettes | Seamless Welded Construction
Prosear™ Infrared Burner 

Professional Series

Made by edgy thinkers with the finest materials.  From traditional to luxurious recipes, this crown-jewel can perform on par with its professional restaurant cousins. - Lynx 

Lynx Smart Series | Trident™ Infrared Burner 

Ceramic Burner | Seamless Welded Construction 

Heat Stabilizing Design | Expansive Grilling Surface 

Rotisserie System | Smoke Box 

Integrated Illumination | Lynx Hood Assist