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The iKamand cooking monitor turns the art of low-and-slow bbqing from a Pollock to a Picasso, basically grilled meat is precise, yet colourfully abstract and delicious either way, but with a Picasso you're adding a little bit more "flair". If you are a art historian, enthusiast or admirer, please take no offense, we are bbq experts, not fine art-experts.

With the iKamand you can give yourself more room to breath....in that good smelling smoke. Thanks to Kamado Joe's new app controlled precision monitor you will have total control over the heat, smoke and target temperatures of your cook. All from that handy device you're probably reading this on.  

Use your mobile phone and the iKamand's game changing cooking algorithm, partnered with Desora, to effortlessly cook your next meal. 


  • Includes 1 meat probe and 1 ambient probe
  • App Controlled: attach your device to the bottom venting of your charcoal grill and control from your mobile phone. Cook through the night with no issues or worries.
  • Smart Technology: the iKamand uses smart temperature control and responsive smart fans that will ask you questions and make those tough predictions. They are easy to start up and control from the app.
  • Daily Recipes: large compilation of smoked goodness to choose from.
  • BBQ Feed: access to curated selection of tutorials, posts and inspiration.
  • Save your data from past cooks for future smartness.
  • WiFi Connect

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