Brander "TUFF TONG" Silicone Locking Tong

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There aren't too many new things to be said about barbecue tongs. They're an essential tool in any barbecue enthusiast's arsenal, and are hugely responsible for makes sure your steak doesn't fall onto your deck.

That being said, there are some pretty important features to look for when on the hunt for the perfect barbecue tongs:

1. Length - Tongs that are too short may result in some sacrificed arm hairs. These ones are 16" long!

2. Locking - Locking tongs are essential. Whether you keep your tongs in your barbecue outside, or in your kitchen drawer, a pair that lock will keep everything tidy

3. Surface - The surface of the tongs is pretty important. Too slippery and you'll end up with your food on the floor. Too sticky and you'll lose half of your chicken just trying to turn it. Silicone is the perfect medium - dishwasher safe and the perfect amount of non-stick

Cover all of those bases and you're sure to find the perfect pair. Conveniently, the Tuff Tongs have all of these important characteristics.

  • 16" long
  • Locking mechanism at the top
  • Silicone handles and pincers
  • Dishwasher safe

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