Brander Efficient Grill Brush

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The Brander Efficient Grill Brush is truly one of our favourites. Brander likes to give their products accurate names and they really hit the nail on the head with this one. The Efficient Grill Brush is... well, efficient. Having the brush head covered all the way around lets you clean from all angles. With the corners of the triangle covered, you can get into the smallest parts that accumulate the most crud. 

But, we know what you're thinking - "I heard about that one story with the bristles and..." - stop right there! The bristles in this guy are intertwined within the steel (as seen in the picture). Because of this, they are destined to stay in the brush. 

Truthfully, if you're still worried about bristles, then wipe your cooking grids down with some oil on a paper towel - this will eliminate any concerns for bristles while also making your cooking grids non-stick. Knowledge is power!


  • Three-sided grill brush gets at every nook and cranny in your barbecue - it's truly the most efficient grill brush
  • Bristles are intertwined in the steel - making them stay in the brush and not in your food
  • Brass bristles make it safe to use on cast iron cooking grids
  • Hard plastic handle is ergonomic and sturdy
  • Leather hanging loop lets you hang it right off your barbecue's side shelf
  • 20 1/2" long with a brush head of 5 1/2" wide 
  • Coiled steel makes the neck strong and sturdy

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