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Napoleon Accu-Probe Bluetooth Thermometer

Napoleon Accu-Probe Bluetooth Thermometer


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Welcome to the latest and greatest Bluetooth thermometer from Napoleon. The Accu-Probe Bluetooth Thermometer takes all of the guess work out of grilling.  Gone are the days of chicken as dry as cardboard or a steak that's still moo'ing.  With this Bluetooth thermometer you can walk away from the grill knowing you'll get the perfect cook every time.

Dressed to the nines in features, this thermometer has a magnetic base ensuring it never moves without your permission, can handle up to four (comes with two) independent, colour coded probes.  This way you don't mix up Granpda jack's and baby Joe's steaks.


  • Includes two independent probes but, it can support up to four probes
  • Takes the guess work out of grilling, allowing you to focus on cooking amazing food!
  • Downloadable app available from Napoleon
  • Use the LCD display to monitor the temperature of up to four separate probes
  • Alerts your phone when food is the perfect temperature
  • Magnetic base allows you to ensure it stays right where you put it. 
  • Custom temperature settings allows you to cook steaks and roasts exactly how you want them. 
  • Probe markers to let you know exactly which steak is which.